Larry Bailey

Larry Bailey has been a teacher and writer for nearly all of his life. At the local newspaper, he won awards for writing, and while at George M. Verity Middle School, he sponsored the school newspaper, The Patriot Post Lantern, which won 1st place for best newspaper in the state in 2013.

He and his wife, Tammy, are the proud parents of daughters, Sabrina and Chelsea, and son, Kenner. He lives in Ashland, Kentucky, with his baseball-crazy family. …

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About Books: Felipé and the Gentle Giant on Home Run Drive; 4,256 Reasons

“Felipé and the Gentle Giant on Home Run Drive:” Join Felipé, a young Hispanic boy, who discovers that the United States might not be the land of opportunity for he and his family. Through a series of real-world problems ranging from being poor to being a different skin color, Felipé’s family and friends do their best just to try and survive.

However, thanks to the great American game of baseball and a real “Gentle Giant,” Felipé learns that there is hope for him and his family after all.

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Testimonials: "We love the lessons and principles that are taught throughout the story.”

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