About Author

Larry Bailey has been a teacher and writer for nearly all of his life. At the local newspaper, he won awards for writing, and while at George M. Verity Middle School, he sponsored the school newspaper, The Patriot Post Lantern, which won 1st place for best newspaper in the state in 2013.

He and his wife, Tammy, are the proud parents of daughters, Sabrina and Chelsea, and son, Kenner. He lives in Ashland, Kentucky, with his baseball-crazy family. …

lb_062514Larry feels being a teacher is an honor and yet one of the most important jobs a person could hold.  “No one else gets such a grand opportunity to not only teach the curriculum to these students, but also have the opportunity to see and hear their visions on the world today and how they want to improve it for tomorrow,” Bailey said.

“The energy produced by these students is something that is so strong and powerful. It is my job to see that it doesn’t get bottled up and discarded, but hopefully, help steer my students onto a road where they can make this world a better place. Whether it is simply putting the beauty of a spider’s web into words or researching charities that actually save lives by donating/helping these people, my students have the opportunity to explore the world and make a difference.”

Larry holds a strong belief in the words of the late author/teacher and Kentucky native Jesse Stuart when  it comes to teaching. Stuart said: “I am firm in my belief that a teacher lives on and on through his students. Good teaching is forever and the teacher is immortal.”

“There are those moments in the classroom when 30 sets of eyes are upon you, there is no sound, and those students are waiting on your very next word. Those are the times in which I am thrilled, but yet somewhat scared as I carefully and craftfully make sure of what I am about to say,” Bailey said. “I find teaching is an entertaining art — we teachers must do whatever possible to get and hold on to the attention of our students. My best advice for students is to read, read comic books, baseball card magazines…whatever interests you…read. Reading will take you further in life than you can ever imagine.”

Larry made a promise to himself over 30 years ago that one day he would write a children’s book. The promise was random, but he felt once he said it to himself then he must complete the task. Fast forward to 2014, Larry has been the author of several smaller projects, and has actually appeared in a national book The Top 100 Matches in Big Brothers/Big Sisters. That story told of his big brother relationship with a boy who did not get to see his father. Actually, the two remain good friends today — having been together since 1980. His Little Brother, Steve, is also a teacher.

Pairing life’s stories with baseball is something relatively simple for Larry. He has always loved the game of baseball and can never give enough credit to those who helped foster that love.

“There is a man I consider my second dad, Bob Johnson. He always made sure I had a ball glove and he would come get me and take me to practice as well as the games. He took a bunch of us Little Leaguers to our first game in Cincinnati. I’ll never forget the sight of seeing the field for the first time. I still get that same feeling every time my son and I go to a game and see that beautiful green grass and baseball diamond. It never gets old.”

Whether it would be hours of playing catch with an old concrete wall or using a tennis ball for games in the nearby church parking lot, the game of baseball was his first love. With that came the greatest treasure he could have found as a youngster — the baseball card. From these cardboard pieces of magic, Larry learned to become a better reader, calculate averages and other mathematical baseball figures, and discover locations of many foreign lands from where the players lived. And yet today, he continues to collect these cards along with other baseball memoribilia and pass this love along to his son, Kenner, who just so happens to be named after an old baseball figurine company in Cincinnati.