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“Felipé and the Gentle Giant on Home Run Drive:” Join Felipé, a young Hispanic boy, who discovers that the United States might not be the land of opportunity for he and his family. Through a series of real-world problems ranging from being poor to being a different skin color, Felipé’s family and friends do their best just to try and survive.

However, thanks to the great American game of baseball and a real “Gentle Giant,” Felipé learns that there is hope for him and his family after all.

The road he travels is filled with exciting, and sometimes, humbling experiences, but Felipé isn’t ready to back down. A former Major League baseball player soon enters Felipé’s life and changes it like no one else ever did.


“4,256 Reasons Why Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall of Fame:” A School project expands to a much broader one for 13-year-old student Abby Campbell and her middle school teacher Larry Bailey. They discover that baseball holds a common ground between the two, and what was a routine language arts assignment becomes much more than that.

NOTE: A production flaw has been identified in a single copy of 4,256 Reasons: Why Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall of Fame. If you have purchased a book that has has ink coverage flaws, please use the contact page to let the author know and a replacement will be provided at no additional cost.