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 “Felipé and the Gentle Giant on Home Run Drive” was a “home run” with my grandson! Simply put, he loved the story!

As for myself, a middle school teacher and a huge fan of Major League Baseball, the book was both entertaining and delivered a powerful, social story.

I would recommend the book to all age groups!”

—Rick Chaffin, 8th grade social studies teacher


“It is very thoughtfully written and has some great messages to pass along to the youth of America.”

—Matt Rothenberg, Manager of Giamatti Research Center, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum


“Larry Bailey, an All-Star baseball fan in his own right, has hit his own grand slam with this enchanting tale that is full of drama, emotion and good storytelling. It’s a must-read for any fan of baseball because the characters in the story carry the values we seem to be missing today.”

—Mark Maynard, author of four books and a veteran newspaperman of 38 years


“Both Dave and I read your story and we both really loved it. We can’t wait to read this to our Grandson who also has a compassionate heart and a love for baseball. We love the lessons and principles that are taught throughout the story.”

—Jan Dravecky, wife of former major leaguer Dave Dravecky